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Create A Hide a Way For Your Teens With Attic Ladders Perth

March 28th, 2018

By now most of us know how easy it is to access our attic with the convenience of attic ladders. Yes we all know how ideal the attic ladders in Perth are for storage. However have you ever considered just how much usable area there is inside your roof space for other purposes such as an extra room to store your teenagers?

What a great idea and a very affordable addition a purpose built ladder is to your home.

By having the special ladder installed as well as some ventilated skylights, power outlets, simple furniture and a hardwood timber floor placed inside the attic, you will have a great teens retreat for very little cost.

This idea has been used before as a great place for stowing that pesky relative who always lobbed at your house and needed a place to stay, mind you that was before the amazing new attic ladders were on the market.

Back then it was a matter of using a regular step ladder to get inside the attic, so invariably the pesky relative was not happy to stay.

So be warned, this fabulous hide a way for teens will be very popular with pesky relies as well!

RJ Attic Ladders Perth

It is important to use a professionally crafted attic ladder in Perth to access your new room in the ceiling of your home, so the people to chat to are the team at  RJ Group Perth WA.

RJ Group WA started as RJ Skylights over 40 years ago. These products include high technology tubular skylights, Velux roof windows, ventilation products and premium quality attic ladders.

RJ Group Attic ladders provide the safest, easiest and most convenient access to your roof attic.

• The smooth running mechanism of our attic ladder ensures no more dirty fingerprints on the ceiling and attic manhole cover.

• Accessing your attic space at home via an attic ladder is safer than using conventional A-frame ladders.

• There is a 150kg load capacity on a standard domestic attic ladder. Larger load capacities are available on commercial attic ladders and specialist attic ladders.

• Spring or gas piston operated lowering mechanisms stabilise the attic ladder.

• Comfortable attic ladder step spacings and attic ladder step size.

• Anti-slip grooves on the attic ladder improve your grip while moving items for storage up and down the attic ladder into the storage space.

• Strong attic ladder dovetail joints.

Thermo insulating attic trap door maintains the integrity of attic ceiling space insulation products in the attic.

Come in and see us for advice or to have a look at our product range. If you have plans of your home, bring your floor plan and elevations so that we can work out your best options.

If you require a ceiling panel cut while you wait, please call us first to ensure that we able to provide our cutting service at your planned arrival time.

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