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Increase The Living Space In Your Home With Attic Ladders

January 23rd, 2018

Most of us are aware of the extra storage space that exists between our roof space and the ceiling of our homes, and how easy it has been to access this area via the installation of sturdy attic ladders.
It makes sense that the area could also be used as an extra living area away from the rest of the home, an excellent example is a teenager’s retreat.
An attic conversion is a great idea and when done properly it adds value to your property.
Almost every house has roof area that can be used as an extra storage or even living area, but it needs to be carried out correctly to avoid creating damage to the existing structures.
Before getting too excited at the prospect of re-locating the teenagers, get advice from a registered builder, carpenter, building designer or architect who has experience in attic conversions.
They will be able to tell you what options you have with your available roof space.
Whether or not you choose to convert your attic into extra living room in your home, If you’re going to be using your roof space regularly then installing ventilated skylights is an excellent idea. Ventilated skylights open to let in fresh air as well as natural daylight.
If your roof space has easy access via a manhole hole you will understand that you will need a sturdy attic ladder to gain access to the attic space on a regular basis.
Attic ladders that sit flush with the ceiling when closed are ideal in this scenario, the installation of an attic ladder will help you to access the attic area in a safe and convenient manner.

RJ Group WA Attic Ladders & Skylights

RJ Group WA aims to assist their customers create energy efficient, beautiful and functional living and working spaces by helping them to make the most of what they already have, creating happy and comfortable living spaces.
Previously known as RJ Skylights, they have changed their name to RJ Group WA in recognition of the broader range of quality products that they now have available to their customer base.
RJ Group are also agents in Western Australia for a number of different brands and types of skylights, Velux roof windows, attic ladders and ventilation products, allowing them to best match their customer needs with the most suitable product for their requirements.
Come in and see the team for advice or to have a look at their product range. If you have plans of your home, take them with you so that you can get good advice on working out your best options.
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