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Keeping It Simple With RJ Attic Ladders

October 16th, 2017

The roof space (attic) we have at home is one of the most under utilised areas in the whole house, and could easily become a very valuable storage solution with the installation of quality attic ladders.

Most of us have linen cupboards or wardrobes at home which have items in them that are not necessarily linen or clothing, and instead these cupboards are being used to store those items which we do not need to access very often, such as sleeping bags, xmas decorations, baby clothes that are outgrown, photo albums, greeting cards from your first birthday and so on.

Items of sentiment and seasonal use, are best stored in a clean, dry space that can be easily accessed when necessary.

The back shed or garage is not always the ideal place for storing valuable and sentimental items. Many sleeping bags, tents and camping gear have been ruined with mould, while cardboard boxes filled with memorabilia have been completely destroyed by vermin that have easily managed to get into them in garages and sheds.

The ideal storage solution is to have the appropriate storage area for specific items, for example, cars in the garage, bikes in the garage or shed, gardening equipment in the shed, camping gear stored in dry, raised area to prevent mould, cardboard boxes filled with various items should be stored off the ground in a clean dry area and anything precious needs to be stored indoors where there is security.

Super Size Your Storage Capacity With RJ Attic Ladders

It really is quite simple and very affordable to increase your storage capacity in your home, and provide a significant clean dry space to store all of your belongings that do not need to be housed in your garage.

With the installation of a quality, sturdy attic ladder, you will have easy, safe access to the enormous space under your roof, which you can then utilise for the storage of those items that need to be kept safe, clean and dry.

An RJ attic ladder is the answer when it comes to getting into your ceiling space in an easy and safe manner. Our ladders are built to a very high standard and make it easy for you to carry boxes or other items into your attic in a very safe manner.

Our sturdy ladders also have exceptional trap doors that are insulated so as not to compromise the insulation in your attic.

In Perth, the attic ladder is becoming very popular for this very reason – it gives you access to a lot of storage space under the roof, as well as easy access roof for maintenance purposes.

At RJ Attic Ladders in Perth, we not only supply attic ladders, but we also install them for you, however if you choose to install them yourself, we are very happy to give you some valuable tips.

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