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No Need For Avoidable Accidents When You Install Attic Ladders

August 28th, 2017

There is no doubt that there is a lot of extra storage room in our roof space at home, the trick is how to get stuff in and out of there without breaking our necks.

Those folks who have not yet heard about attic ladders, will most likely put themselves at risk to gain access to their ceiling space.

Usually when someone wants to gain access to the ceiling space of their home, they will head out to the shed and then drag out the ladder to bring inside the house.

The trick is to make sure that your ladder is the right size, because it will be useless if it is too tall to fit safely under the ceiling.

Of course with a shorter ladder you will need to make sure that the legs are very stable and non slip against the floor surface, especially tiles.

It is always a good idea to have someone hold the ladder to keep it steady while you are on it.

Now for those who do not have a ladder, what will they do?  They might decide to opt for the old “ chair stack” method.

Trying to balance on a chair stacked on top of a table, to get inside the manhole in the ceiling, is an accident just waiting to happen, and yet there are still those among us who see this as an option.

The smartest and safest solution to gaining access into your roof space is to install a custom built attic ladder.

Attic ladders are becoming very popular today as many people discover just how easy it can be to access the ceiling space of their homes in a safe and easy manner.

The attic ladder is specifically designed to provide safe and efficient entry into your roof space.

RJ Attic Ladders Are Your Number One Choice

Here at RJ Attic Ladders in Perth, W.A we provide timber and aluminium attic ladders as well as custom designed attic ladders to meet your specific requirements.

Some benefits of our attic ladders include;

• The smooth running mechanism of our attic ladder ensures no more dirty fingerprints on the ceiling and attic manhole cover.

• It is far safer to access your attic space at home using an RJ attic ladder than it is to use conventional A-frame ladders.

• We have a 150kg load capacity on a standard domestic attic ladder, while larger load capacities are available on our commercial attic ladders and specialist attic ladders.

• Spring or gas piston operated lowering mechanisms stabilise our attic ladders making them secure and safe.

• Our attic ladder step spacings and attic ladder steps are a comfortable size.

• Another safety feature is the anti-slip grooves on our attic ladder that improve your grip while you are carrying items for storage up and down the attic ladder.

• Our attic ladders are built to a very high standard and include strong dovetail joints.

• Our thermo insulating attic trapdoor maintains the integrity of ceiling space insulation products in the attic, as well as looking sleek and modern.
For more information on our attic ladders please contact us on (08) 9493 1826.