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Conventional Skylights

In WA, we use Conventional Skylights when people want the natural light they are bringing in to an area to be in the background and not a feature of the room. We install a top structure on the roof that captures the light. The light is transferred via either flexible duct or a solid metal duct from roof to ceiling level and it is transmitted into the area via an opaque ceiling panel.
Usually for the first month after installation our clients keep thinking that they have left the light on as they notice the improvement to the amount of light in the area. After about a month they will forget the skylight is there as they will just enjoy the functionality and atmosphere of the natural light without actually looking up to see where it is coming from! If however, you prefer to make a feature of the natural light we recommend that you consider a Velux roof window so that you can look up and out at the sky. Please go to our Velux page for more information on this option.
Benefits of a Conventional Skylight

  • A great option for budget conscious clients
  • Reduces the need to depend on electric lights during the day

A skylight can be positioned to provide functional lighting where most needed, such as:

  • over a kitchen bench where you do most of your preparation work, or
  • above a linen cupboard door in a hallway so that you can see into the cupboard without having to turn on a light
  • Over an aquarium or indoor garden
  • A ventilated skylight in a powder room with no windows
  • A skylight can provide natural ventilation (passive) to moist environments such as bathrooms and laundries
  • Improves the ambience of dull areas by giving it a “lift”
  • Proven health and well being benefits – research shows that students concentrate better under natural light and workers are more productive.

Features of a Conventional Skylight

  • A conventional skylight can be manufactured to suit most popular roof types – tile, custom orb (corrugated), trim dek, and many others. The roofs we install into can be pitched, flat, or curved.
  • Usually we manufacture our skylights from Colorbond or zincalume. For special circumstances we can also manufacture in Colorbond Ultra, stainless steel, aluminium or copper.
  • Skylight ventilation – we usually “half vent” all of our skylights so that they can “breathe”. To achieve this we provide vents in the top structure of the skylight. Thus if there is a build up of heat in the shaft, the hot air can release out into the outside air. If extra ventilation is required, we vent at the ceiling level as well as the roof level so that air flows from the room below, up the shaft and out into the outside. Typically we “full vent” conventional skylights that are being installed in bathrooms and laundries. Occasionally it is appropriate that there is no ventilation! Typically this decision is made if the roof is particularly flat or the skylight will be exposed to severe weather conditions.
  • Our conventional skylights usually come with flexiduct as a standard component. This makes for an easier installation and keeps unit prices down. We use a tough multi-layer flexible duct that incorporates metallised polyester, polyester and aluminium foil encapsulated copper coated wire. When tensioned at installation it provides a smooth reflective surface that is tough enough to withstand insects and sun damage for 10 years.
  • We do NOT use lead in our skylights. Lead can be a potential health hazard and can cause corrosion. Lead can also be an issue for clients that are harvesting the water running off their rooves for drinking.
  • Conventional skylights can be installed into existing buildings or new constructions.
  • Kit form available for clients who prefer to do their own installations.
  • Our conventional skylights have a minimum 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Domes, acrylic and polycarbonate components have all been UV protected, eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays.

RJ Skylights carries two main brands:


(square and rectangular)


SkyTunnel XL2


skytunnel roof part custom orb


At RJ Group WA we have a range of products that will suit any and all situations, so if you are in Perth or around the WA area please contact us to find out more.


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