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Edmonds Airomatic

Airomatic is a powerful, mechanically driven ventilator that continuously and reliably improves the comfort and health of your home all year round.

Airomatic is a roof mounted, powered ventilator that reduces roof space heat and assists with management of moisture and damaging condensation in the roof space.

The high quality polymer based ventilator has a clear, high impact acrylic dome which provides four speed settings (automatic, low, medium and high) to manage excess heat and moisture in the roof space, resulting in a more comfortable and healthy home.  In addition, the management of moisture helps to reduce the chances of condensation damaging roof rafters, insulation and ceilings.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Clear dome made with high quality UV stable polymer
  • Maximum flow rate of 647 cubic meters per hour (180L/sec)
  • Preset automatic temperature controlled variable speed setting, or three preset fixed speed settings
  • Can be fitted with ducting and a ceiling grille in specific rooms in the home
  • Polymer construction in four popular colours
  • High efficiency 24V DC motor
  • Two year warranty on the body and motor and one year on the power pack and speed controller


  • Allows natural light into the roof space, deterring unwanted pests
  • Effective ventilation in most climates
  • Removes heat load in warm months and reduces condensation in the roof space in cool months
  • With ducting and a ceiling grille, moisture can be removed from rooms like bathrooms and laundries
  • Complements most metal or tile roofs
  • Quiet operation, low running costs and reduced energy usage
  • Improves air quality


  • Dome and housing – UV stable polymer
  • Flashing – soft aluminium
  • Throat diameter – 250mm
  • Maximum air flow – 647 cubic meters per hour (180L/sec)
  • Motor – 24V DC
  • Product weight – 2.71kg
  • Installation range – 3deg – 35deg
  • Preset automatic variable speed. Preset fixed speeds – low, medium and high


  • Under eave vents to improve air flow through the roof
  • Ceiling registers to improve air flow between the living area and roof space