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envirolite-1-sThe Envirolite TM skylight is manufactured by RJ Group WA at their Maddington factory in Perth Western Australia.  It was developed with Australia’s unique climate in mind, blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays.  Instead of a traditional acrylic dome, we use a flat triple-wall polycarbonate panel.  This enables good natural light transfer and excellent thermal insulation reducing the amount of heat transfer at roof level.  The polycarbonate is extremely tough, reducing the susceptibility to breakage caused by unusual events such as hail or vandalism attempts.

All duct is not created equal!  We use a tough 4-layer flexible duct in our Envirolite TM skylights.  It has four layers of material, incorporating metallised polyester, polyester and aluminium foil encapsulated copper coated wire.  When tensioned at installation it provides a smooth reflective surface that is tough enough to withstand insects and sun damage for 10 years.  Cheap skylights usually use cheap ducting that needs to be replaced in several years.  We prefer to provide our customers with the best quality option.

To finish off the Envirolite TM, we provide a standard ceiling frame that is a white powdercoated aluminium t-bar.  Our standard ceiling panel is a prismatic diffuser (the small prisms on one side of the panel help diffract the light around the room).  We also have decorative ceiling panels available if you would like to make your skylight a feature rather than something that is in the background.
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The Envirolite TM is tested to the Australian Standard AS4285 and has a 10 year product warranty.

The Envirolite TM can be manufactured to suit the type of roof – tile, custom orb (corrugated), flat (eg. trimdek) and others.  Standard throat sizes are:

  • 400x400mm
  • 500x500mm
  • 550x550mm
  • 600x600mm
  • 800x500mm
  • 800x800mm
  • 1100x500mm

We are also able to manufacture custom sizes, however these skylights would require a light shaft manufactured from steel, timber or gyprock as flexible duct comes in set sizes.

Beforegeorgias room before Aftergeorias room after