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Green-Vent Solar

green-vent_solar_attic_fan_387_421_90_387_421_90The Green-Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan is an attic ventilation systems installed into both commercial and residential rooves to remove trapped heat. Green-Vent Solar utilizes the alternative energy source from the sun which then costs you nothing to quietly exhaust the hot air and help reduce the cooling costs of your building and improve ventilation.
During the cooler months any moisture laden air trapped inside your roof/attic space can condense in the cooler air resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. Circulating clean fresh air will reduce the occurrence of this and prolong the life of your roof.


How the Green-Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan works?
Green Vent Solar Attic Extraction Fan promotes high indoor air quality by replacing the air in your room for ventilation. It helps control your room temperature, replenish oxygen, remove excessive moisture, and eliminate unpleasant odors, smoke, dust, airborne bacteria, heat and carbon dioxide. It exchanges the air outside with the circulating air inside the building maintaining indoor air quality.

The solar attic fan uses a photovoltaic solar panel to transform sunlight into mechanical power.  The solar energy is converted to mechanical energy and drives a motor that spins a fan blade and forces out the heat and moisture from your attic.


Fully adjustable solar panel – tilts and rotates so even if the unit is not sitting on the roof facing north, you can angle it to get the best north-facing position.
Improved solar panel design.
High output motor.
High performace lightweight fan blade.
Guaranteed performance – no wind required.
Optional Thermostat included.
Quick and easy installation – 30 minutes or less.
Flashing designed to fit any roof type.
Extremely quiet operation.