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Attic Ladders

At RJ  Attic Ladders (previously Hiding Stairways) we understand how difficult it is to find storage space in the home for all your seasonal household items and precious personal possessions. One of the most under-utilised areas in the majority of homes is the ceiling space or attic area beneath the roof.  The installation of an attic ladder will help you to access the attic storage space in a safe and convenient manner.

Why use an Attic Ladder?

      When you need to get into your attic space to store those seasonal items (e.g xmas trees and suitcases) and memorabilia, you really need to do it safely. An attic ladders help you gain easy access to the attic storage beneath the roof in your home.

      Avoid accidents when trying to access the attic using regular ladders for home maintenance. Attic ladders provide the safest, easiest and most convenient access to your roof attic.

      The smooth running mechanism of our attic ladder ensures no more dirty fingerprints on the ceiling and attic manhole cover.

      Accessing your attic space at home via an attic ladder is safer than using conventional A-frame ladders.

      There is a 150kg load capacity on a standard domestic attic ladder.  Larger load capacities are available on commercial attic ladders and specialist attic ladders.

      Spring or gas piston operated lowering mechanisms stabilise the attic ladder.

      Comfortable attic ladder step spacings and attic ladder step size.

      Anti-slip grooves on the attic ladder improve your grip while moving items for storage up and down the attic ladder into the storage space.

      Strong attic ladder dovetail joints.

      Thermo insulating attic trapdoor maintains the integrity of attic ceiling space insulation products in the attic.

We stock two main types of attic ladder products:

Timber Attic Ladder Aluminium Attic Ladder
MidMade Vindstrappa LEX70 MidMade Vindstrappa LEX A1220


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