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Do You feel As Though You Are You Living In A Cave?

April 21st, 2017

Most people choose to use natural light in their homes rather than turn on electric lights during the day.

One reason is that they want to save money on power costs.

Another reason is that some people are very pro active when it comes to saving energy and prefer to use natural light in their homes.

The fact is that some homes are not designed to be energy efficient and so natural light is not always plentiful.

When this is the case, an easy solution is to have skylighting installed into your home.

Sunlight Is The Best Source of Natural Light

Here at RJ Skylights we understand that it is a fairly simple concept to add natural light to an area.

We need to capture natural light (daylight) at the roof level and then transmit the natural light down to the ceiling.

We can achieve this with a Conventional Skylight or a Tubular Daylighting Device.

Selecting the right natural light product for you depends on what features are important.

Things to consider include;

Do you want something to be a feature or in the background?
What size area do you wish to light up with natural light?
What activity are you likely to be using the natural light for? Is it just to “lift” or brighten an area you walk through or do you want to be able to read under the natural light?
Where will the natural light be coming from on the roof? For example, is the roof oriented north, south, east, or west? This will affect the quality of the natural light that will be captured.
How far does the natural light have to travel from roof to ceiling? This will have an impact of what size skylight you select and what type of duct will work best for your situation.
What is your budget? Basic, good quality skylights start from about $400 for a kit and range up from there depending on what additional features you require and how big you want it.
Do you want to be able to dim the natural lighting?
Do you want ventilation as well as natural light from the unit?
Do you have to meet any statutory requirements? For example, energy ratings, bush fire ratings, natural light and ventilation requirements of the Building Code.

As soon as you have an answer to these questions, you are ready to decide which natural light product is going to best meet your natural lighting needs.

For those people who are located in the Perth metropolitan area, we are happy to come out to your home or business premises to provide you with advice on which of our natural lighting products will best meet your needs.

We will provide you with a written quote for supply and installation.

Please contact us on 9493 1826 or email us to arrange an appointment.