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Reasons Why You Should Install Skylights

January 27th, 2017

Skylights bringing in daylight during the daytime and at night you get the gorgeous moonlight and you also may be able to catch a peek at the stars.

They bring the warmth and brightness of natural daylight cutting down the need for artificial lighting.They enliven a house dramatically by allowing daylight into dark corners while cutting down the need for artificial lighting.

They are an attractive and affordable way to let more lighting into your home.

If you have a small family room, bedroom or living room that you want to give the illusion of more space, they are a smart design idea. In the bedroom they will automatically make the ceiling look wider and make it easy for the moonlight to enter the bedroom. This has a beautiful effect on the space and can make you feel more relaxed when you’re in the bedroom.

If you want to bring more daylight into your kitchen, bathroom or laundry then the smart, economical choice is to install a skylight.

Save Money With A Skylight

Is your electricity bill too high? Do you often have the lights on? Save energy and being in daylight by installing a skylight.

Skylights will help you to save money on power costs

Because they introduce daylight into rooms , eliminating the need to turning on lights during the daytime and saving you money on your power costs.

Install Your Skylights In The Correct Aspect Of Each Room

To make sure that you get the most light possible from your skylight make sure it is placed at the correct aspect for your rooms.

For the most morning light, a skylight should be placed east, while for afternoon light, the skylight should be west. North facing skylights provide the most light throughout the entire day.

Velux Skylights

Different to regular skylights, by adding velux windows in specific rooms, you can add daylight into your residence as well as have a unique design feature. The velux roof window is a standout feature in any residence. Velux skylights are a design feature that draws people’s attention. Just imagine the sheer beauty of a floor to ceiling window allowing you to bring the outdoors in. At night it would be magnificent to enjoy the stars and moonlight.

When it comes to skylights, Velux roof windows are well known for providing Australian homes with extra natural light from the sun and ventilation from the fresh air. Their beauty and potential is limited only by your imagination. As so many home owners in WA have discovered, the Velux skylights are certain to add value to your home and are an architect’s dream for creating interesting spaces and angles.

RJ Group is proud to be your Velux Premium Dealer. Our Maddington showroom has a number of roof windows and skylight products on display that can be viewed and operated.

We are able to supply a Velux skylight or roof window both in kit form or as a supply and install service. If you want, we are able to do a complete service, including installation, creation and gyprocking of the light shaft.

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