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Roof Vents For Australian Sheds

March 10th, 2017

Living in Australia most of us have a shed on our property. Whether it is a small garden shed or a large farm shed to house your tractor, our sheds need to have roof ventilation.

If you do not bother to install roof ventilation in your shed, you risk damage to expensive items due to condensation and mould build up.

Many a sleeping bag and tent have ended up being thrown out as rubbish because the shed they were stored in did not have adequate roof ventilation.
If you are storing your belongings in your shed it is important to have a good roof vent system to keep the dampness out, prevent mould and also to reduce rusting on your metal items as well.

Your bicycle will not stay looking great in the shed if you do not have roof vents on the shed roof.

There are many benefits from installing a roof vent.
Installing correct ventilation systems can reduce or even eliminate condensation problems under the roof of your shed.


 Roof Ventilation


RJ Ventilation carry a range of roof ventilation systems for your Australian property.
Good ventilation is a natural companion to insulation.
These combined provide added comfort comfort and better health throughout the year.

During the summer months, roof ventilators assist you to remove a build up of hot air in the roof space. In the colder months of winter, roof ventilators will help to reduce the impact of condensation inside your roof.

There are many different ways to use roof ventilator systems around your property. In your home roof vents are essential to keeping out damp air in your attic area free from the spread of mould. Mould spores can spread throughout the home and can be a source of poor health for those with respiratory complaints.
Several poor health symptoms that result from people breathing in mould spores:

1.Nasal congestion
5.Respiratory Infections

Some people are more susceptible to those symptoms including those with:

1.Weakened immune systems
3.Chronic respiratory conditions
4.Lung disease
It makes a lot of sense to install roof air vents to your home and sheds. If you would like more information please contact us.

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