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The Perfect Storage Solutions With Attic ladders

June 20th, 2017

Attic ladders are the easy and safe way to get in and out of our attic space at home.

More of us our now utilising the vast amount of area in the roof space of our homes and it is very understandable.

We all have the need to keep our seasonal items such as xmas trees and decorations, stored in an easy to access space.

How much easier it is to be able to access your ceiling space for storage of the items that you do not use every day throughout the year.

There is so much roof storage space available you will not need to stuff things into cupboards, drawers or boxes.

We need a clean dry storage area for our treasured personal items that we do not use, these can be our family photographs and keepsakes handed down from our parents that we just can not throw away.

The attic storage space under the roof allows us to neatly store and protect all our seasonal items and personal keepsakes.

This storage solution works well with our camping gear as well, keeping it clean and protected without taking up valuable car space in our garage.

The garage should house our cars, however often garage space is taken up with stored camping gear and boxes of stuff.

Often we will have one of our cars parked outside because of the lack of space in the garage.

 RJ Attic Ladders

The attic ladder is the smart and safe way to access the storage space in the ceiling.

Here at RJ Attic Ladders (previously Hiding Stairways) we understand how difficult it is to find storage space in the home for all your seasonal household items and precious personal possessions.

The installation of an attic ladder will:

Allow you access the attic in a safe and convenient manner.

Help you to avoid accidents when trying to access your attic space for either storage or home maintenance.

The smooth running mechanism of our attic ladder ensures no more dirty fingerprints on the ceiling and attic manhole cover.

150kg load capacity on a standard domestic attic ladder, with larger load capacities available on commercial attic ladders and specialist attic ladders.

Spring or gas piston operated lowering mechanisms stabilise the attic ladder.

Comfortable attic ladder step size and spacings.

Anti-slip grooves on the attic ladder improve your grip while moving items for storage up and down the attic ladder.

Strong dovetail joints.

Thermo insulating attic trapdoor maintains the integrity of ceiling space insulation products in the attic.

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