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Roof Access Hatchways

Roof access hatchways provide both commercial and residential customers with ease of access from inside a building’s roof space onto their roof.  This is useful for access for maintenance work such as air conditioning maintenance, gutter cleaning and general roof maintenance.

Manufactured from 0.8mm sheet metal, our hatchways are available in either a steel lid or a dome lid, have a solid galvanised continuous hinge running the width ofthe hatchway and use gas stays to hold the lid open.  The hatchway has a padlockable latch.

Our standard sizes are:

access hatchway


  • 510x820mm
  • 510x1120mm
  • 600x600mm
  • 670x670mm
  • 820x820mm
  • 820x1120mm
  • 940x940m

Other sizes are available if required.