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Roof Valve

The Roof Valve is a low profile static roof ventilator that allows nominal ventilation of hot or moist air from the roof space, with out the need of wind or power assistance.
roof valve

Its low profile dome make it an attractive addition to any roof whether it is mounted near the ridge or on the lower edges of the roof.

The Roof Valve is also available with a clear dome. This allows the unit to not only be used as a ventilation point but also for providing a natural source of light for attic spaces.

The unit is constructed from long life, UV stabilised and impact resistant ABS Polymer. It comes complete with an aluminium flashing. That makes the unit very easy to install on tiled or metal roofs.

Roof Valve Datasheet

Wind Ventilation Installation Instructions


  • Nominal ventilation of heat and moisture in roof spaces
  • Above ceiling or exhaust fans
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs
  • Residential homes and commercial/public buildings


  • Static ventilator (no turbine)
  • Low profile ASA plastic head – also available with clear dome
  • Powder coated soft aluminium flashing


  • No energy consumption
  • Ideal for most roofs
  • An air replenishment point for roofs with sarking and small or no eaves.
  • As an exhaust vent when the unit is fitted above a ceiling exhaust fan.
  • For air intake or exhaust from air conditioning systems mounted in the roof.
  • Provides ventilation without the need for wind
  • Suitable for metal or tiled roofs


  • ASA polymer head
  • Powder coated aluminium flashing
  • 135mm opening
  • Total weight 0.8kg


  • Under eave vents to improve air flow through the roof
  • Ceiling registers to improve air flow between the living area and the roof space