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Choose Roof Vents As A Greener Option For Keeping Cool This Summer

October 17th, 2017

Once upon a time in Perth, WA, the average family home did not have air conditioning, in fact ceiling fans and roof vents were a luxury for some folks.

We would look forward to the cooling breezes of the “Fremantle Doctor” ( the pet name for the afternoon breeze coming in from the coast) in the late afternoon to get some welcome relief from the heat of a hot summer’s day.

Of course it was always difficult to sleep at night and even though the louvre windows would be wide open, often we would need to take our mattresses outside to sleep on the verandah.

For those of us who had a pedestal fan, we could drape a wet cloth over the fan to create effective air cooling.

The air cooler was a dream come true when it made it’s appearance in my family’s home, and all my friends had them in their homes as well, even though they were quite bulky and needed to be constantly topped up with water, they did the job.

Comparing Air Conditioning To Roof Vents

In today’s fast paced, “must have everything now” lifestyle many homes are fitted out with air conditioning, whether it is ducted air or a split system, there is a significant extra cost to the power bill each month.

Something that has become noticeable in many homes, is the tendency to have the air conditioner running when it is not really necessary.

Have you ever been in someone’s home and found that you need to pop on a cardigan because the air-con is too cold? Or maybe you like to sleep under your blankets in summer, when the air-con is running ? These are common instances that clearly demonstrate the wasting of energy and money.

There are things that can be implemented to reduce your power bill when it comes to cooling your home, without going “cold turkey“ on air-con altogether.

The installation of roof vents or Whirlybirds (as they are affectionately referred to) are a simple yet effective device to help reduce the heat build up in the roof space of your home.

With the installation of roof vents in your Perth home, you can significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bill and create a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Whirlybirds are a wind driven ventilation device and therefore best suited to windy locations, and therefore those folks living in the very windy city of Perth will benefit greatly from this type of roof vent, especially with the reduction in cost to your power bill.

If you reduce the heat in your roof space by adding a roof vent, your home will be a lot cooler and the need to actually turn on your air conditioner will be lessened, so if you are serious about cutting your power costs this summer, the sensible start is to reduce the amount of time that the air conditioner is running in your home.

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