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Keep Cool With Affordable Roof Vents

February 26th, 2018

For those of us who prefer not to use air conditioners, roof vents are a much more affordable option for keeping cool in the warmer months.

With the installation of roof vents in your home, you are able to provide an environmentally friendly source of air cooling systems without the significant increase of energy costs incurred by an air conditioner.

Roof vents really are a smart and effective option to provide ventilation to your home, kid’s cubby house, shed or beach shack.

So simple to install and cost effective roof ventilators or whirly birds as they are often called, are designed to remove hot air from a building through the roof and also to keep damp prone attic areas dry.

RJ Roof Vents Suited To Australian Homes

RJ Ventilation carry a range of ventilator system options for Australian homes.

Ventilators are an ideal and economical way for reducing the hot air in a building as well as helping to minimize dampness inside the roof.

Mould in homes is now well recognised for the health hazard it is. It is extremely important for the health and well being of yourself and your family, to live in a mould free environment, and therefore all measures need to be taken to prevent the build up of mould in your home and workplace.

A ventilator system will assist you to remove a build up of hot air during summer, while in winter, ventilators will aid in reducing the impact of condensation in your roof space.

Roof Ventilation Options

  • Static Roof Ventilation – often called to as roof valves which sit on the roof and rely on a pressure differential between outside and inside for air to move out of the roof area.
  • Wind-driven Roof Ventilation – wind driven ventilators commonly known as whirly birds are very popular and can be seen on the majority of homes in Western Australia, they need wind to spin the head of the vent so as to draw out the hot air of the attic space under the roof.
  • Powered Roof Vents – powered roof ventilators usually have a thermostat and will self start once the temperature in the roof space reaches a pre-determined level, continuing to pump air out until the thermostat goes below the temperature of the set level.
  • Solar Powered Roof Vents – powered by the sun with a thermostat that triggers its operation.

Western Australia has a diverse range of climates, therefore it makes sense to use these simple but effective air ventilator units.

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