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Skylight Accessories

Skylight Blinds

Skylight Blinds are a great option for people that require light control in their skylights.  These pull-across pleated blinds are manufactured with a white side to face inside and a silver side to reflect heat away from the ceiling.  They sit on top of your skylight ceiling frame and the ceiling panel sits on top of them.  An extendable rod or the end of a broom can be used to open or close the blinds.  Our standard sizes are:






IMG_0254 IMG_0253
Fully open blind, sitting on the ceilingframe. Partly open blind.  You can control
how much light comes through.
Fully closed blind, cuts out most of the light.

Custom sizes are available but generally there is a three month lead time for manufacture.

The measurement is taken from the outside of the framework around the blind. They sit comfortably on a skylight ceiling frame with an upstand measurement 15mm bigger and about a 15-20mm lip on the ceiling frame.

Skylight ceiling blinds have been popular with home-based day care centres and schools that want to be able to shut off light through skylights while they are using AV equipment.  They are also a great option for bedrooms or theatre rooms.


In’flector is a clever product that can be used on skylights to reduce heat transfer at the ceiling level.  It is particularly useful on older style skylights that customers find hot in summer.

In’flector looks a little like shade cloth but is in fact a metallized, coated polyethylene sheet laminated to a sheet of carbon graphite PVC.  It will reflect sunlight and radiant heat to reduce heat transfer by up to 50%.  Most of our customers that use it only do so in the summer months when the sun is at a problematic angle and heat is at its greatest, the rest of the year they leave it out.  It is simply a matter of sliding the In’flector on top of the ceiling panel with the silver side pointing towards the sun.

black side 1 silver side 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
In’flector black side.  In’flector silver side – point towards the sun.  In’flector installed on left side – you can see that light still transfers through the window but it is reflecting heat away from the interior.


In’flector comes on a roll with a width of 1370mm.  It can be cut to size to suit your existing skylights.

Ceiling Frames

If you want to draw attention to your skylight with a more decorative look, there is an option to upgrade your ceiling frame from our standard powdercoated aluminium option to a timber ceiling frame.  The options are:

White powdercoated aluminium(this is our standard ceiling frame) powdercoated aluminium Timber – walnut colour timber - walnut
Timber – mahogany colour timber - mahogany Timber – white high gloss timber - white high gloss


We can make ceiling frames to any size you require.


Envirolite Panels

As various manufacturers have gone out of business over the years, the availability of different size domes and profiles has decreased.  The benefit of using a product like our Envirolite panel instead of a dome is it has excellent therma l properties and is extremely strong.  The other plus is that we can cut it to any size so if we can no longer get a particular dome size or profile we can cut an Envirolite panel to suit the dimensions required.  If necessary, we can also manufacture angles and u-channels so that your top structure can be modified to use the Envirolite panel instead of a dome.


We have a limited supply of acrylic domes in stock for skylights that need to be repaired.  The sizes and profiles we have are as follows:

Dome description Key dimensions Picture
300mm Round – RJ
400mm Round – RJ
500mm Round – RJ
400x400mm Square – RJ
500x500mm Square – RJ
550x550mm Square – RJ
600x600mm Square – RJ
800x500mm Rectangular – RJ


We can custom make domes for our customers but please bear in mind that the setup costs are high – a mould is made for the size and shape you require.  This cost has to be incorporated into the final price whether you have one dome or twenty domes blown.

Ceiling Panels

We have a number of options for ceiling panels.

Ceiling Panel description Key dimensions Picture
Prismatic diffuser (K12, P12) 3mm thick, can be cut to any size up to 1200x2400mm
Prismatic diffuser (K15, P15) 4.5mm thick, can be cut to any size up to 1200x2400mm
Opalite diffuser 3mm thick, can be cut to any size up to 1200x2400mm
Glass film panel 3mm thick, can be cut to any size up to 1000mm wide


We sell top quality 4 layer flexible duct in up to 3m lengths.  The sizes available are:

Round duct Square or Rectangular Duct
150mm diameter 400x400mm
250mm diameter 500x500mm
300mm diameter 550x550mm
350mm diameter 600x600mm
400mm diameter 800x500mm
450mm diameter 800x800mm
500mm diameter 1100x500mm
550mm diameter


We can also supply steel sides for skylight shafts in either 0.55mm thick zinc alume or Colorbond.  We also manufacture angles to go with these.