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Skylights Are A Practical Way To Save Energy Costs

December 14th, 2017

With the ever increasing electricity costs today, we are always looking at practical ways to save some dollars on our budgets and the humble skylight is an ideal way to cut our energy costs.

A skylight will bring more light into an inside area whether it be in the home, the workplace or at school, wherever there is an indoor room that does not have enough windows.

Smart choices like installing skylights for more natural lighting  and solar power for heating our water, will not only save us money but we are choosing a healthier lifestyle for our families as well

Conventional Skylights Provide Ventilation And Natural Light.

The conventional skylight  has come a long way over the years with many styles that have various benefits including:

A great option for customers on a budget
Less dependency on electric lights during the day
Can be installed in most areas where a light fitting would usually be including linen cupboards and kitchen pantries.
Providing natural ventilation (passive) to moist environments such as bathrooms and laundries
Health benefits from fresh air and natural light
Gives a pleasant ambience to a dull room

Velux Skylights For The Wow Factor

Velux are leading the way with state of the art skylights known as roof windows.

Velux roof windows are beautiful glass skylights that can be opened and screened against insects.

These extremely attractive roof windows are more than practical, they are an awesome unique feature in any home.

They look incredible and are well suited to homes that have beautiful views outside, the roof windows serve to enhance the views from inside the home.

Velux roof windows  allow you to see up through the roof of your home to the views above and beyond. Not only do these amazing skylights allow for good ventilation and natural daylight, they are also an absolutely stunning design feature in your home. The night skies are magnificent through these amazing windows.

If you are looking at reducing your energy costs at home, pop in chat to us here at RJ Group about what type of skylights would best suit your lighting and ventilation needs.

Here at RJ Group WA we are proud to be a family company that has been serving our community in WA for over 40 years.

We employ local people, and provide our customers with an impressive range of high quality skylights and installations.

All our products are all Australian Standard tested and we abide by the Skylight Industry Association Code of Practice.

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