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Skylights With Ventilation

Bathroom 1Often our customers ask for a skylight system that includes ventilation. We have a range of options to meet this need.

Reasons For Combining Daylight And Ventilation In One Unit

Building codes require that “habitable rooms” have a certain amount of natural lighting and ventilation.  The amount of light and ventilation required is based on the floor area of the room.  These requirements can be met by taking into account door openings, windows, breezeways and skylights.

Usually internal rooms such as theatre rooms and activity areas are most likely to need extra daylight and ventilation as they often don’t have any windows. Combination units minimise the cost of meeting the building code requirements.

When there is limited space at the ceiling level for additional fixtures, having a combination unit that includes natural daylight and ventilation makes the ceiling less busy and more aesthetically pleasing.

What Options Can We Offer You?

1.SkyTunnel XL2 – this is our most popular round skylight. The ceiling frame is attached to the ceiling using a clever magnet system which can be extended to create a small gap between the frame and ceiling. As warmer moist air rises to the ceiling level, it moves through this gap and up into the skylight shaft and out through vents at the roof level to the outside. While this ventilation is passive, it is very effective at providing ongoing air flow up and out of rooms such as bathrooms and laundries. The size options for these round skylights are 343mm, 457mm or 535mm diameter.

2.SkyTunnel XL2 with Power Kit Exhaust Fan – instead of relying on passive ventilation, we add an exhaust fan at the ceiling level. The exhausted air is pushed out through the roofing. There is one fixture on the ceiling and one penetration on the roofing. The fan can either be wired by an electrician to be operated by a wall switch or it can be operated with a remote control. The size options for these round skylights are 343mm, 457mm or 535mm diameter.

3.Skytube Intech STV250 – this option adds a roof mounted motorised exhaust fan at the roof level. The air is drawn up through a flexible duct and out through the roof unit. There is one fixture on the ceiling and two penetrations on the roofing. The fan has to be wired by an electrician to be operated by a wall switch. This round skylight is 250mm diameter and uses a Silvertube light shaft to maximise light transfer from roofing to ceiling.

4.Velux skylights and Velux roof windows – there are a variety of options in the Velux range covering a range of different sizes and manual, electric and solar powered opening alternatives. The Velux skylights and roof windows are installed at the roofing level and have an open light shaft beneath them so that you can look up and out at the sky. Flyscreens come as standard so that when they are opened there is no issue with insects getting into your home. This is a passive ventilation option, much like opening a standard window at home.

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