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A skylight is a structure that allows sunlight to travel to the interior of a building.  Skylights are particularly useful in spaces that do not receive much natural light, for example, theatre rooms, hallways, walk-in-robes, and rooms that are next to patios or verandahs.

RJ Group WA is proud to be a WA family business that has been serving our community around WA for over 40 years. We are one of the few remaining Australian manufacturers of skylights. We employ local people, and we are not “backyarders” – when we give a guarantee on our skylights, we’ll be around in the future to back it up.

RJ Group WA is a Premium Dealer in the Velux skylight network. A Velux skylight is a a roof window – it lets you look up and see the sky. They provide a unique ambiance to your home or office, providing customers with a direct connection to the natural light outside and the associated physical and mental health benefits that come with being exposed to daylight. With imagination, Velux roof windows can add a design feature that is both functional and beautiful.

In addition to providing our customers with an impressive range of high quality skylights and installations, which are all Australian Standard tested, we abide by the Skylight Industry Association Code of Practice. In order to better serve our customers in Australia, we will recommend skylight products that best match their needs.  We don’t stock just one brand, but rather, a vast selection of different skylight products. We don’t just sell whatever skylight is in our van! We are reliable and efficient, and our trusted, qualified tradesmen are neat and tidy.

There are four main skylight categories:


Conventional Skylights
A roof top structure captures the daylight which is transferred via either flexible duct or metal duct down to an opaque ceiling panel.


  • Great for budget conscious consumers.
  • Reduces the need to depend on electric lighting during the day.
  • Can be positioned to provide functional lighting, such as over the kitchen bench so that you don’t have to turn on the light switch as much, or to “lift” an area, ie. brighten up a darker area of the residence.
  • Can provide natural ventilation to moist environments such as a bathroom, kitchen and laundry

Tubular Daylighting Devices
More early morning lighting than conventional skylights.

  • Can be combined with mechanical or wind-driven ventilation to minimise the number of penetrations in your ceiling.
  • Can be installed without needing to cut any roof timbers.
  • Works better than conventional skylights when light levels are low, for example, early morning, late afternoon and overcast days.
skytunnel roof part tile K250DL cross section cropped
 Roof Window (Velux)
A double glazed window, creating a great ambience and feel. Providing ventilation and enabling customers to look up and out at the sky, which they will love.


  • There is no ceiling panel and the light shaft is usually created from the same material as the ceiling.
  • Velux adds “wow” to a room, and allows you to be creative with how the light shaft is used to create interesting angles and features.
  • The Velux window is double lazed with argon gas between the layers, which stops 80% of radiant heat transfer and reduces outside noise.
  • Optional range of blockout blinds “turn off” the light when required, making these windows perfect for bedrooms and theatre rooms.
  • Can be fixed or openable for ventilation, with electric, a remote control powered openable window is available, and rain sensors that will automatically close the window if it rains.
  • Can also be smart wired.
 Access Hatches
An openable hatchway that sits on the roof, transmitting light and providing access for maintenance.


  • Has the option of either a steel lid or an opaque dome lid.
  • Lids are lockable.
  • A variety of sizes are available.

velux clouds access hatchway


The Difference Between A Skylight And A Roof Window

The difference between skylights in your home and a roof window is that skylights tend to be in the background. As the light from a skylight is diffused at ceiling level by a ceiling panel, it is easy to forget about the skylight after it has been installed.  Often our customers think they have left the electric light on instead.  Roof windows, on the other hand, are a design feature that will draw attention, giving your room space a different ambiance.  They encourage people to look up and out at the sky.  Roof windows offer extra room ventilation options in addition to the natural light that will be brought into the room below.

The good thing about skylights is that they can be installed into just about any kind of roofing , whether tiled roof or tin (including corrugated and trimdek),flat or up to an 80 degree pitch.  All homes will benefit from a skylight regardless of whether it is a new build or an existing home.

At RJ Group WA we have a range of skylights that will suit any situation, so if you are in Perth or around the WA area, do call us to find out more.

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