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SkyTunnel XL2

skytunnel roof part tileThe SkyTunnel XL2 range is an “off-the-shelf” round skylight that comes in three diameters – 343mm (13.5”), 457mm (18”), and 535mm (22”).  The SkyTunnel XL2 was invented in Australia but now manufactured in the Phillipines.

The roof components consist of a UV stabilised acrylic dome with metal soaker tray – black for tile rooves and silver for metal rooves.  There is an option to ventilate at both the roof and ceiling level using handy vent tabs on the breather frame.

Customers have the option of using flexi duct or Rigid98 tube to join the roof structure to the ceiling frame.  Flexi duct suits most applications up to 3m in length and allows the roof structure to be offset from the ceiling frame if required.  When pulled taut the flexi tube has up to 86% reflectivity.  Often flexi duct gives the most cost effective solution to getting daylight into a room.  Rigid98 tubing is fabricated from Miro-Silver, a premium quality aluminium product manufactured by ALANOD in Germany.  It has a total reflectivity of 98%.  The benefit of the Rigid98 duct is that there is little light transmission loss.  It is ideal for residential or commercial applications where greater than 3m duct is required or where the light source is minimal (for example, the skylight will sit in the shade of an upper storey).  Using Rigid98 duct in commercial warehouses and retail environments is ideal for replacing expensive daytime lighting.

skytunnel bottom endThe ceiling component of the SkyTunnel XL2 has a double skinned diffuser to provide a more energy efficient unit.  The diffuser unit is held in place by magnets, making it easy to increase its ventilation potential and to remove for cleaning.