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Tubular Daylighting Devices

Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) are also referred to as Tubular Skylights.  These are “high technology” skylights – they use various technologies to increase the capture of natural light at the roof level, have a specular reflective tubing to direct most of the natural light they capture to the ceiling level and then offer a selection of diffusers to maximise the intensity and improve the visual presentation of the light.skytube intech top structure

TDDs tend to have much smaller cross-sectional areas than conventional skylights because of their efficiency at capturing and transferring light.  They have an advantage of being able to offset the roof top structure from the ceiling so that the light can be “bent”.  Our experience is that the intensity of the light is better on cloudy days and if the roof top structure is in shadow of an upper storey.  Most TDDs use a silvered highly specularly reflective light shaft as it tends to give a better colour rendition than aluminium light shafts.

As TDDs are small diameter, they tend to have lower heat loss and heat gain compared to conventional skylights.

RJ Skylights carries two brands of Tubular Daylighting Devices, each with different looks and technology.

SkyTunnel XL2 with Rigid98 sky_tunnel_xl2_rigid Solarbright Maxlight SeriesMaxlight diagram Skytube Intechskytube


This is a recent job we did where we installed a 350mm diameter tubular skylight with highly reflective ducting into a hallway.

tdd3 tdd4 tdd5
Prior to installation – a very dark section of the hallway.  During the day, the light has to be turned on to use the linen cupboard. During installation – tiles are removed and the ceiling cut prior to installation of the TDD.  Natural light is starting to make it’s way through the ceiling. Our tradesmen are clean and tidy to minimise the impact of the installation.
The Result – 24 hours after the Before picture the hallway is brilliantly lit with natural light.



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