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To help assist air movement in rooms to eliminate stale air and trapped heat, the Vent-a-Room is an ideal solution.

vent-a-roomThe Vent-a-Room draws air from within the room allowing fresh air to replace it from windows, doors or other rooms.  This assists in removing trapped heat (ideal for loft areas or over stairwells or homes with cathedral ceilings), stale air and household pollutants such as emittance from gas heaters.  Because it relies on wind power it costs nothing to run.  The ceiling register is adjustable so you can close it if you don’t want air to be removed from the room for a period of time.

The Vent-a-Room consists of a SupaVent wind-driven ventilator on the roof connected by flexiduct to a 250mm ceiling register.  The SupaVent comes in the following colours:

vent-a-room colour chart