Access Roof Storage With Attic Ladders

One of the most under used spaces in homes today is the space between the ceiling and the roof. This roof space can easily be transformed into an amazing storage space.

By using the attic space to store those seasonal items like your Christmas decorations, baby furniture, camping gear, boxes of your childhood treasures, records, old photographs and anything really that you do not want to throw away. If it can fit through the manhole in your ceiling, then you can store it.

This roof space in your home can be the solution to all your storage problems.

It is an easy job to have a floor created inside the attic space. This amazing storage area is extremely useful when a floor is built in. This allows people to move about safely inside the roof when they need to get a stored item. Also trades people who need to access your attic, can do so easily and safely.

To use this massive storage area you also need to get into the space safely.

Safety With Ladders

RJ Group WA have the best range of attic stairs and related products available in Australia. With safe and efficient design their attic ladders or stairs as sometimes they are called, these should be a requirement in all new homes.

How often do you see inside someone’s garage and notice all the boxes and junk stashed against one of the walls, not to mention the fact that one of your family cars has to park outside due to how much space your junk is taking up.

So if you are a two car family and you need to reclaim your double garage to park both your vehicles, it is time to get yourself attic stairs from the specialists.

RJ Attic Ladders

RJ Attic Ladders stock two main types of attic ladder, one is aluminium and the other is timber.

Aluminium Attic Ladder

When looking at aluminium attic stairs, make sure the load capacity is sufficient and the latch is strong. You will buy with confidence when you install one of our RJ Group attic ladders. When you install your attic ladder from RJ Group you will notice the quality of the hatch door. The hatch door needs to be insulated and have an excellent seal to reduce heat transfer and dust. As a bonus, the design of the stepping apparatus into an attic from RJ Group look sleek and modern.

No more dirty hand prints on the manhole cover.

Timber Attic Space Ladders

One of the most important things to look for in a timber attic ladder is of course is the quality of the timbers used. Consdider the load capacity Look for rebated joints as well as screwed.

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