Access Your Roof Space Safely With Secure Attic Ladders In Perth

More and more homeowners are using attic ladders to access the attic space in their homes.

It stands to reason, that why have such a large area in the house going to waste, when it makes sense to utilise the valuable space in a practical way.

With the simple addition of a sturdy floor, natural lighting, good ventilation and most importantly, a sturdy set of attic stairs, your wasted attic can become an extra room in your home. An extra room can be used by family members for many purposes, whether it be a private study area for students, a sewing room, a library, a quirky guest room or a gym.

Whatever purpose you intend to use the room for, at the end of the day, your property value will be increase significantly.

For those of you who do not have enough height in your roof space to create an extra living area, you can still choose to have a massive store room in your ceiling space, to store all those personal items and memorabilia that are clogging up your garage.

Storing them on shelves in a clean dry attic store room out of the way of camping gear and garden equipment is a much more practical solution. Once again, this is an easily achieved solution, with the addition of a sturdy floor, ventilated skylight and an attic stairway.

Getting There With Strong Attic Ladders In Perth

So now that the idea of a new room is very appealing, it is time to consider how to access your new attic room easily and safely.

You will need an attic stairway that is safe, strong and durable, therefore a chat to the professionals for expert advice is a must.

RJ Group are based in Maddington WA and are well known for helping their customers to create energy efficient, beautiful and functional living spaces, by making the most of what they already have.

Previously known as RJ Skylights, they have changed their name to RJ Group WA in recognition of the broader range of products that they now have available to their customer base.
The installation of an attic ladder from RJ group will help you to access your ceiling space in a safe and convenient manner.

Points to take note that an attic ladder from RJ Group includes:

  • An attic ladder with a smooth running mechanism
  •  An RJ attic adder is safer than using conventional A-frame ladders
  • There is a 150kg load capacity on a standard domestic attic ladder
  • Larger load capacities are available on commercial attic ladders and specialist attic ladders
  • Spring or gas piston operated lowering mechanisms stabilise the attic ladder
  • An attic ladder with comfortable step spacings and attic ladder step size
  • Anti-slip grooves on the attic ladder improve your grip while moving items for storage up and down the attic ladder
  • Strong ladder dovetail joints
  • Thermo insulating attic hatch door maintains the integrity of insulation products in the attic

For more information on creating a practical and functional space from your unused attic, contact the team at RJ Group on 08) 9256 2222.