The Difference between a Skylight and a Roof Window

The Difference between a skylight and a roof window

The difference between skylights in your home and a roof window is that skylights tend to be in the background whereas a roof window is a feature.

With conventional skylights, the light is diffused at ceiling level by a ceiling panel. Often for the first month after installation, our customers keep thinking they have left their electric light on!  After the initial noticeable change to the area, the skylight becomes something that operates in the background and it’s something that you forget is there as it just does its job.

Roof windows, on the other hand, are a design feature that will draw attention, giving your room a different ambiance and a dramatic look. They encourage people to look up and out at the sky. Roof windows offer extra room ventilation options in addition to the natural light that will be brought into the room below.

The good thing about whichever type of skylight you choose to install is that they can be installed into just about any kind of roofing , whether tiled roof or tin (including corrugated and trimdek),flat or up to an 80 degree pitch. All homes will benefit from a skylight regardless of whether it is a new build or an existing home.

At RJ Group WA we have a range of skylights that will suit any situation, so if you are in Perth or around the WA area, don’t hesitate to call us to find out more.