How to DIY attic ladders in your home

Attic ladders in Perth are a great way to access unused space in your home. One of the problems we all face is that we run out of storage space and we tend to forget about the attic (the area between your ceiling and roof).

The trend with modern homes is that they are often built with a high pitched roof and so there is actually a lot of room available that could potentially be used for storage.

In Perth, attic ladders are becoming very popular for this very reason – it gives you access to a lot of storage space under the roof. They also let you access the roof for maintenance purposes and are safer than using a normal domestic ladder.

At RJ Attic Ladders in Perth, we not only supply attic ladders, but we also install them for you. However, if you want to tackle the job yourself, here are a few simple steps that will put you on the right track.

  1. Prepare the attic opening: You might already have an access point in your ceiling, but it needs to be in the right position for your ladder and the opening has to be the right size as well. In many homes, the attic access point is in the hallway or garage. Selecting the best location is the most crucial part of installing your attic ladder in Perth and is essential for its smooth and safe operation.
  2. Cut opening in ceiling and remove joists: Once you have the outline of your access point marked out, you need to cut it out and remove any ceiling joists that are in the way (make sure they aren’t load bearing first). Don’t forget to check for any pipes or electrical wires which might be in the way in the attic before you start cutting. Support any timbers that have sections removed from them.
  3. Create the framework for the access point: Measure, cut and construct the frame for your access point. This will support your ladder and the ceiling at the same time.
  4. Attach the ladder to the frame: You will need help with this step because you need to lift the ladder up in the closed position and attach it to the timber frame you constructed in step 3. So brace the ladder once it is in position, attach it to the timber fame and make sure that it is square before screwing it into position.
  5. Pack out the gaps: Before adding architrave at the ceiling level, pack out any gaps between the ladder hatch and the ceiling framework.

That’s all there is to it! Four easy steps to install your attic ladder in Perth. For more information on our attic ladders, call RJ Attic Ladders on 08 9493 1826, email us on or complete our online enquiry form.