The illume is a skylight alternative product that simulates daylight.

You can install an illume to replace a traditional skylight or to add extra light to your home in rooms where traditional skylights can’t be fitted.

How It Works

illume works by collecting energy from the sun via a solar panel.  The energy collected is then converted into electric current which powers the illume ceiling fitting.  No batteries are required.

illume starts lighting up at sunrise and its intensity varies during the day depending on the amount of sun and cloud cover.  It’s an ideal alternative to a traditional skylight, particularly in areas of your home where a duct can’t be run (eg under an upper storey) or if solar panels or water heaters are already on the roof above the area where you want the light.

In situations where you have more than one illume in the same room we can design a multi-system to run off the same solar panel so that the light levels will be the same throughout the day.

Product Options

Single illume

Multi illume system (several ceiling panels running off one solar panel)

Virtual window (attached to the wall to give the feeling of a window)

illume Manhole