Modern Skylights

Skylights have come a long way from the discreet little square structure placed into the cut out of the ceiling in your home.

There are so many wonderful styles and designs to suit any décor. Now you can make a feature of your skylight or keep it discreet.

Apart from letting more light into a room or area in your home without using electricity, skylights also can provide extra ventilation to rooms that get a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and laundries.

There is a range of skylights available now and each of them have particular functions.

RJ Skylights in Perth are the trusted experts in Skylights. We are a family company and have been been looking after their customers for over 40 years and really know our stuff.

We have an extensive range of skylights to choose from so it is easy to get the right skylight type to meet your needs.

Types Of Skylights

  • Conventional Skylight – a roof top structure transferring daylight through a duct to an opaque ceiling.
  • Tubular Daylight Device – provides more early morning daylight.
  • Roof Window – double glazed window providing ventilation and views.
  • Access Hatches – openable hatchway that transmits light andproviding access for maintenance

What is A Velux Roof Window?

The Velux roof window is a fabulous design feature for your home. Just stunning to the eye while performing a valuable function in your home as well.

What an amazing way to bring the outdoors into your home.

The roof window will draw attention to those who enter the room. It will give the room space a different ambience and allow people to look up and out at the sky as well as ventilation options.

Imagine how the trees outside with a couple of well directed garden spot lights will look at night, from the comfort of your sofa inside, and of course the moon and stars on a clear night if you have your inside lights turned off.

You will love our Velux roof windows, and so will your friends.

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