Put A Skylight In Your Roof For More Light And Fresh Air

When you have made the decision to convert your attic or roof space into an extra room in your home in Perth, one of the most important thing is to make sure you include a quality skylight.

A quality skylight or two in your roof will provide the much needed ventilation and natural light in your attic.

Attic conversions are very popular at the moment and no wonder why.

As the kids get older they need some extra space, and the attic is the perfect place for them to spread out with all their “stuff” and not be bothered about the little kids bugging them. Mind you, an attic escape is multi functional, as it can serve many purposes when it is properly ventilated with a premium skylight.

The Premium Skylight From RJ Group Perth

Before you rush out and grab a saw, timber and nails from the local hardware, why not have a chat to the team here at RJ Group about the various types of skylights we have available, and what type of roof skylight would best suit your needs.

You will be surprised at how far the humble skylight in Perth has come, with so many types to suit various purposes.

Whether you want to bring more light into a dark area in your home and whether or not you need the roof skylight to have a ventilation component and be insect screened.

The fact is, if you want the confidence to know that you have the right skylight for your particular needs, then pop in and have a chat with us, we are always happy to give our customers the time of day listening to what they need and then steering them into the right direction.

Stop racking your brains trying to guess at the style and functions which you need in a skylight in your home and let us to the work for you, after all that is what we do, and we do it well.

Benefits of a Conventional Skylight

  • A great option for budget conscious clients
  • Reduces the need to depend on electric lights during the day
  • Can be positioned to provide functional lighting where most needed
  • Above a linen cupboard door in a hallway so that you can see into the cupboard without having to turn on a light
  • Over an aquarium or indoor garden
  • In a powder room with no windows
  • Can provide natural ventilation (passive) to moist environments such as bathrooms and laundries
  • Improves the ambience of dull areas by giving it a “lift”
  • Proven health and well being benefits – research shows that students concentrate better under natural light and workers are more productive

At RJ Group WA we have a range of products that will suit any and all situations, so if you are in Perth or around the WA area please contact us to find out more.