Reno Rumble 2016 Demonstrates Creative Use of Velux Skylights

Reno Rumble has hit the airwaves for 2016 on Channel 9 and is again a showcase for how Velux skylights can add functionality and beauty to people’s home design. The Week One reveal showed both the Blue and the Red teams using Velux skylights as features in key rooms of their house, not only bringing in good natural light and ventilation to otherwise dark rooms but also providing an architectural WOW factor to the rooms in which they were installed.
Both teams used a single Velux skylight in the new bathrooms of their home design. As both bathrooms were narrow, the lightshaft underneath each Velux window was constructed so that it flared from the top and bottom of the window and the sides ran vertically to the ceiling beneath.

By installing an electrically openable Velux skylight, the windows can be opened with a remote control to provide much needed natural ventilation to the bathroom, releasing hot moist air and preventing conditions that could otherwise lead to the formation of mould on the bathroom walls and ceiling. The electrically openable Velux skylight comes with a rain sensor that will automatically close the Velux window if any rain is detected. It is also programmable to enable the Velux window to open and close at specified times. Using a Velux skylight in the bathroom will give the home owners natural light above their vanity unit, important when applying makeup or shaving. A blockout blind is also used on these Velux skylights to enable privacy if there are any overlooking issues. All openable Velux skylights come with flyscreens as a standard item.

In the kitchen, the Blue team installed a single Velux window with an unusual lightshaft. To one side of the shaft, a recessed bulkhead was created and downlights were installed in this recess. This has created an interesting home design feature. Using bulkheads often lets you be creative around existing roof space infrastructure that can’t be changed. In the dining/living room the Blue team installed two Velux skylights side-by-side. The lightshaft features a bulkhead between the Velux skylights which covers the roof rafter and then one large lightshaft that features a large flare from the top of the Velux skylights. A flare like this helps spread the light further towards the interior of the room which can be helpful if there are any impediments that prevent you from installing the Velux skylights directly over an area that you particularly want to light up.

The Red team installed two Velux skylights side-by-side in their kitchen. The single lightshaft had a wide bulkhead between the Velux windows. The bulkhead was used to install some downlights. In addition, pendant lights were installed to drop from midway down the flared lightshaft wall.

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