Renovating? Why Adding A Skylight Can Make A Big Difference!

If you love your house and neighbourhood but need a change, renovating may be a good option for you. And adding skylights is a fantastic way to give your house a new, fresh feel. Skylights can add beauty and wonder to a room that may have previously been dull and lifeless. Skylights are an affordable and eco-conscious solution that provides more light than the equivalent size window.  Here’s why we think adding a skylight to your home is a great part of any renovation:

  1.  Skylights add more light. Adding a skylight to the roof an older home can give it a brighter and more welcoming feel.  With a skylight, you can add more light in the home without compromising your privacy.  Not only will a skylight allow you to enjoy more sunlight, you can also enjoy moonlight in the evenings. If you are renovating to sell your home, the addition of a skylight will make it more attractive to a buyer, not only in terms of appearance but in terms of energy efficiency.
  2. A Skylight, sky window or Velux can be an attractive feature.  A skylight can also be an attractive feature of your home.  Sky windows are also known as Velux can provide a beautiful feature, allowing you to see the sky from many angles during the day and night! A Velux can be fixed or openable for ventilation and powered openable by remote.
  3. A skylight will make a room feel bigger. Skylights can make a room or house feel bigger and more open.   This is really beneficial if you are renovating and your house is small and pokey!
  4. Skylights make your home more energy efficient. Adding a skylight to your home is a functional and economical way to avoid using electric lighting during the day!  Adding a skylight will allow you to use natural light without increasing energy or heating costs.  And with rising electricity costs around Australia, this is a welcome relief for many people.
  5. There are health benefits. A skylight will allow more natural light into your home. Not only is a well-lit house more attractive than a dark house, natural light has other benefits on people health and moods. Many people don’t realise that the light emitted from artificial sources can have negative effects on your health. Natural light from the sun, however, can improve your health and well being by releasing serotonin and boosting energy levels.

Renovating a home can be stressful and time-consuming.  There are so many choices to make which can all become pretty overwhelming.  And the cost of renovating always seem to end up being more than what was predicted.  Let RJ Group WA in Canning Vale take the stress out of your home renovation by adding a beautiful skylight or sky window.  As a family run business, we have been helping people in WA for over 40 years.  We take great pride in only selling high-quality products that meet Australian standards.  Contact us today to find out more on ph 08 9256 2222