Skylights Feature In Energy Efficient Perth Homes

Most people today are accustomed to choosing energy smart solutions when it comes to reducing the amount of power used daily in their homes and businesses.

Solar energy and skylights are a winning combination in any application around your homes and workplaces.

Today there is a wide range of natural lighting devices  available, including the conventional skylight, tubular daylighting device, roof windows and access hatches.

Modern skylights and natural lighting devices have come a long way from the discreet little structure placed into a cut out of the ceiling and there are so many design choices which can choose to make a feature of your skylights or keep them quietly discreet.

Some of the outstanding and practical features of the modern skylight provide ventilation and natural lighting.

Modern skylights can provide light and ventilation to your attic space which is a great way to help towards keeping the area dry and free of mould.

RJ Group Perth Are Still The Trusted Name In Skylights

RJ Skylights are a family owned company and we have been been looking after their customers for over 40 years and really know our products. Our Skylight products include:

  • The Conventional Skylight – The conventional skylight is a roof top structure transferring daylight through a duct to an opaque ceiling.
  • Tubular Daylight Device – The tubular daylight device provides more early morning daylight.
  • Access Hatches – Access hatches are an openable hatchway that transmits light and provides access for maintenance inside the roof space.
  • The Velux Roof Window – these Velux roof windows are an added attractive design feature in any home with large, double glazed windows providing ventilation and views. The Velux roof window is a unique and practical feature for your home, providing an awesome amount of natural lighting as well as an incredible view to the outdoors and night skies from inside your home. Velux roof windows will allow people to look up and out at the sky as well as providing ventilation options.

RJ Skylights For Quality & Service

RJ Skylights in Perth offer an impressive range of high quality skylights and installations, which are all Australian Standard tested and in keeping with the Skylight Industry Association Code of Practice.

In order to better serve their customers in Australia, the team at RJ Skylights will recommend skylight products that best match their customer’s needs, whether the property is an older established home or a new residence.

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