Skylights – Practical And Beautiful

The Beauty Of Skylights

These days there are so many skylight options and ideas on how to bring more light into an inside area. Whether it be in the home, the work place or at school. Anywhere indoors where windows are limited, we need to bring in natural daylight and cut down costs of energy bills.

The skylight has used extensively for this particular reason.

Today, there are a lot more reasons to consider installing skylights to your new project home or existing home. It is not just about saving money on energy bills by using solar systems and other energy saving solutions, it is about a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. It is about better ventilation and air quality.

The Skylight Is Now More Than Meets The Eye

We have come a long way with the humble skylight and now people are including skylights for their beauty as well as the added health benefits.

Everyone knows that fresh air and natural light are beneficial to good health. So why be in the dark and breathing in stale air.

The range of Velux Skylights are leading the way with the state of the art, openable, insect screened skylights that bring in all the fresh air and natural light into any room you need for a healthier day indoors.

We have the amazing range of Velux roof window products and Velux skylights that allow you to see up through the roof of your home to the views above and beyond. These skylights allow for good ventilation and are also an absolutely stunning design feature in your home.

Skylights & The Need For Ventilation

According to Sourceable Industry and News:

“Companies around Australia are achieving increases in productivity of up to 15 percent when they move their employees into high-performance, Green Star-rated buildings,” says GBCA chief operating officer Robin Mellon. “We must demand similar high-performance learning environments for our students.”

Various international studies on green schools have demonstrated that:

  • A 25 per cent improvement on test scores and a 41 per cent improvement in health can be achieved by providing good lighting and ventilation.
  • Students that have plenty of daylight in their classrooms progress 26 per cent faster in reading and 20 per cent faster in maths.
  • A child’s academic progress can be affected by up to 25 per cent by the classroom environment.
  • Good indoor air quality improves health and concentration.
  • Effective acoustics boost children’s learning potential.

Research out of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories in California shows that when ventilation rates are only meeting the minimum standard, it can result in a decrease in student performance of five to 10 per cent.

Similar studies in the US and New Zealand support those findings and add that asthma cases are reduced when indoor environmental air quality is improved and that a classroom’s design has the same influence on test scores as the student’s teacher.

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