Storage Solutions With Attic Ladders

It is amazing how much stuff we can collect and clutter our homes with.

Whether it is the no longer needed baby cot and highchair, boxes of unused toys, old photographs or the Xmas decorations, we all need that extra storage space for the things that we are not ready to part with.

We need a clean, dry place that is easy to access. The garage is often used to store all that stuff, but most often it means that one of the cars has to be parked outside the garage.

The attic space is plentiful, but getting up and down on the the ladder is quite a challenge when carrying items as well. What we need is to have easy access into our ceiling spaces and some flooring up there as well to place the storage items on.

Why Install Attic Ladders?

  • The attic ladder is the safest and most convenient way to get into your attic space.
  • Regular ladders are not designed to stay put while you carry loads of items up and down into your attic and they can easily move and cause an accident.
  • The standard domestic attic ladder can take up to 150kg in weight.
  • The commercial attic ladders have a much higher load capacity.
  • The attic ladders have smooth running, spring or gas piston operating mechanisms that stabilise the ladders and keeps dirty hands off the ceiling and the man hole cover.
  • There are anti slip grooves on the steps of the ladder steps to prevent slipping while carrying storage items to and from the attic space.

Timber & Aluminium Attic Ladders

Choose from good quality timber attic ladders with rebated joints, or an aluminium attic ladder with a safe, secure (a strong latch) and has a reputation for quality so that you are able to get parts and service if required in the future.

RJ Attic Ladders

RJ are the trusted and respected name in attic ladders in Western Australia. We can manufacture ladders for very high ceilings, if we do not have the size of ladder you need, we will then custom make your ladder to meet your specific needs.

The Hatch Door

One of the biggest differences that you will see between models of high quality such attic ladders and some of the other ladders available in the market is the quality of the hatch door. The hatch doors need to be insulated to minimise the risk for heat transfer between the roof space and the inside of the home. There should be an effective seal to prevent dust entering your home while the hatch is closed. Check out how the hatch door will look from the inside of your home. A well finished hatch door should look sleek and modern.

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