Velux Blind Sales on Pause

Velux have advised that due to the global shortage of computer chips, the brain of any electronic product, Velux has had to temporarily stop the production of remote controlled blinds, with manual blind supply also being impacted.  Unfortunately this means that Velux blinds will not be available for purchase from 1 October 2021.  Until this date blinds can be purchased with skylights, one blind per skylight.

Velux deeply regret having to take this step but the shortage of computer chips is a global issue beyond their control.  It affects all manufacturers of high tech products – Apple, Samsung, Sony, Ford, General Motors to mention a few, and unfortunately Velux isn’t immune either.  Velux have chosen to prioritise the production of electric and solar skylights until the supply of computer chips can be restored.

Velux apologise for this situation and hope to be able to resume the production and sale of blinds as soon as possible.