Velux Is Much More Than A Skylight

When most people think about adding extra light into their homes with sun tunnels, they usually think about the fixed skylights they often see in the homes of their family and friends, and even at their place of work.

Everyone knows what a skylight or sun tunnels are and what they can do to brighten a dull or dark room.

We all know that skylights are cost effective and energy saving.

It is so easy to bring natural light into your home with Velux skylights. With the installation of Velux skylights you will bring natural sunlight into dark rooms. No need to switch on a powered light that will increase your energy bill.

With all that being said about skylights, let’s now talk about the amazing “skylight” product from Velux. Actually this product is so much more than a skylight, it is an actual roof window!

Velux Roof Window

Velux roof windows are an outstanding version of a skylight to ever grace any residence. Apart from the fact that these roof windows bring in the natural daylight from the sun, they are also excellent for ventilation as well. The openable models with insect screens on them are perfect for the hot evenings of our australian summer, letting in the breezes and keeping out the bugs.
Fresh air and natural daylight are beneficial to good health. There is no need to be in the dark and breathing in stale air.

Unique Feature In Any Home

We have come a long way with the modest skylight, today people are installing skylights for their beauty as well as the added health benefits.

The Velux roof window is a unique feature in any modern building today. These amazing structures are very attractive and will transform any room. The velux roof window allows you to view the sky from inside the room. If you have floor to ceiling windows coupled with a stunning velux roof window, your residence will be the envy of all who see it.

The ambience and outstanding views from velux roof windows are an added bonus to the natural daylight and fresh air you will enjoy.

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