Velux Skylights – Reno Rumble

During Week 2 of Reno Rumble, the teams have demonstrated how bringing natural light into rooms from the roof above can make a dramatic transformation to dark rooms below that would otherwise have no natural daylight. Research comparing the amount of natural light produced by a skylight or roof window versus that from a conventional window has shown that you get approximately three times the amount of light from above (at the horizontal on the roof) compared to the light generated from an equivalent sized window (at the vertical in the wall). Another way of looking at this is that if you remove a window from a room in your home, you will get a similar amount of natural light from a skylight on the roof that is 1/3 the size of the window you have removed. We are seeing the Reno Rumble teams blocking up existing windows so that they can get a better room layout and compensating by using Velux skylights to bring natural light in from the roof above and adding a significant amount of daylight from the sun.

In Week 2 the Red team used the Velux skylights in the Kitchen/Living area, the Bathroom and the Ensuite of their renovations. In the Kitchen/Living area, they installed a single large Velux skylight with a flared light shaft. This particular installation is typical of what can be achieved in existing homes where no structural changes are being made – the existing structure in the roof dictates the choice of products (size of Velux, location, flare of shaft, as an example). The effect of the Velux roof window and light shaft is to add a significant amount of natural light to the area as well as making the room seem bigger and the ceiling appear higher.

Velux in the Bathroom

The Red team also used single Velux skylights in their Bathroom and Ensuite. Choosing a long and skinny window enabled them to fit the Velux skylights into the narrower width rooms. Both shafts had significant flares from the top of the Velux window to the ceiling, creating a stunning feature and unique ambience in both rooms. Using the new solar powered Velux skylights enables the home owners to use a remote control to open the windows to assist in letting out the hot moist air generated when the bathroom is used and creating a pleasant air flow. These Velux skylights also have the added benefit of a rain sensor so that if you leave the Velux window open and it starts to rain, the sensor will automatically close to prevent rain coming inside your home. Relying on the sun and the daylight it produces to power your Velux roof window also lowers your home’s energy consumption.

Main BathroomEnsuite

The Blue team chose to use Velux skylights in their renovation in multiples in the rooms where they were installed. In the Kitchen they installed three Velux skylights side-by-side. One large lightshaft was created, flaring from the top and bottom of the Velux windows. Small gyprock bulkheads separated the Velux windows and the team used these bulkheads to hang two pendant lights over the kitchen bench.

Velux in the Lounge

The Blue team then had to get creative in the Lounge area as the location for the Velux skylights had a beam running through the light shaft at the ceiling level. At the roof level they installed the two Velux skylight side by side with a small bulkhead between them. A single lightshaft was created underneath the Velux windows. The beam that runs through at the ceiling level, was gyprocked and painted to create an unusual feature inside the lightshaft.

In the Bathroom, the Blue team installed two Velux skylights side-by-side with a small bulkhead between them. A significant flare from the top of the Velux skylights back towards the door of the bathroom results in a very light and bright bathroom.

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For further information on how Velux skylights and roof windows can add daylight and connect the inside of your home with the sun outside, please click here.