Warranty Information

Warranty Information

RJ Group WA is a member of the Skylight Industry Association Incorporated (SIAI) and as such conforms to an Industry Code of Practice designed to protect consumers.

Our Guarantee is provided in addition to any warranty or guarantee imposed by law and in particular the guarantees implied by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010(Cth). In no way does our Guarantee seek to exclude or limit any right or remedy you have in law. However to the extent that is permitted by law any other warranties or guarantees are excluded. For the purpose of our warranty “the product” means a skylight or related product ordinarily manufactured and sold by the manufacturer.

Subject to the conditions and limitations below RJ Group WA guarantees that its products are of acceptable quality and free of any defect caused by the manufacturer.


The warranty does not apply to:

a) Moving parts such as opening mechanisms, blinds, and hinges.

b) Parts supplied by other manufacturers as separate components and where such components are warranted or guaranteed by its manufacturer or supplier those guaranties or warranties whether express or implied are assigned to whom the goods are supplied;

c) Cosmetic damage;

d) Damage caused by accident, misuse, transport, installation or any external cause;

e) Failure to install, use and operate the product in a way that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, good building practice, relevant building standards or a use for which the product has not been designed or recommended by the manufacturer.

f) Service work that is carried out by other than RJ Group WA or authorised RJ Group WA agents.

Warranty claims

Should you wish to make a claim under our guarantee you are required to first notify the RJ Group WA within 14 days of first identifying a potential product defect. Other than as provided by law the manufacturer will repair or replace the product to the extent that it is functionally equivalent to the product supplied. Where a product has been repaired or replaced this warranty shall apply to the repaired or replaced product for the balance of the period provided by this guarantee.


RJ Group WA products are manufactured from the most suitable materials and finishes available to the specification provided and when properly maintained will give many years of quality service. Failure to maintain may void the warranty.


When installing RJ Group WA products there are some precautions you should take to ensure that the products will retain their ex-factory condition until installation is complete and the job handed over. Refer to the manufacturers’ documents for instructions.


External skylight glazing, frames and flashings should be washed with clean water. If the product is exposed to salt air or industrial pollutants it should be washed at least every three (3) months. In other areas where there may be very little contaminated moisture you may not need to clean your skylight fittings more than every six (6) months, or subject to seasonality and the local environment.

External skylight glazing, frames and flashings require only minimal maintenance but, like your motor car, the finish may deteriorate if dirt collects on the surface and is allowed to remain unwashed over a period of time. This is because dirt absorbs moisture present in the atmosphere.

To clean external surfaces use the mildest treatment you can to produce satisfactory results. Keep water free from dirt and grit. Soft cloth cleaners must only be used as polymer plastic surfaces are susceptible to scratching.


Internal surface finish coating should be maintained in good condition. This can be achieved by regular cleaning with non abrasive cleaners and refinishing when breakdown of the coating occurs. Steel wool or other metallic abrasives must not be used to clean surfaces.


Regular maintenance is required for all moving parts hardware. In most environments maintenance is recommended every six (6) months and every three (3) months in marine and industrial environments.

Hinges, pivots and brackets should be given a light spray of a corrosion preventative (such as CRC Marine 66, Innox or WD40) followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess. Exposed surfaces should first be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft rag, and then rinsed clean before applying preventative.


As with your roof gutters, on a regular basis ensure that any build-up of leaf matter or other debris, is removed from around and underneath the product to allow for the roof flashings to perform as designed.


Please leave any name plates, part numbers and rating labels on products for future reference.